We are experienced screenwriters and specialize in helping our clients organize their ideas into a completed manuscript ready for submission to studios and agents.

A little about us: We won placement in NBC’s TV writing program in 2010, placed 1st in Creative Screenwriting magazine’s AAA contest, were WriteMovie finalists, and have placed in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. We also earned a TV writing certificate from UCLA and Loyola Marymount University.

Together, we have ghostwritten two TV pilots, one feature film, three novels, two non-fiction books, a series of children’s books, two book proposals, and several e-books.

For four years, Juliana worked as a ghostwriter for TV’s Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, writing scripts for DVDs, online videos, and a short children’s animation. And Josh has worked professionally in the entertainment industry since 2003 — as a writer punching up lines and story points for an animated feature; for producers, studios, and networks as a script reader; for other writers, giving notes on their work and helping them develop their scripts; and an editor of film and TV scripts, ensuring that they are error free and following the appropriate format.


Mentalist “Firewall”
Download: PDF

When several people are murdered in front of their computers, the only connections Jane and the team find lead them to the game Second Life, complete with virtual marriages, gangs, and zealots. Meanwhile, Rigsby learns something disturbing about Van Pelt’s new boyfriend and has to decide whether or not to tell her.

Good Wife “Slippage”
Download: PDF
award2010 NBC Writers on the Verge Winner
award1st Place in Creative Screenwriting’s AAA contest

When Alicia defends an Army Reserve Officer who accidentally killed her own baby, she must find a way for the jury to sympathize with this brusque, seemingly emotionless woman. Meanwhile, one of Kalinda’s less-than-legal investigative methods threatens to cost her her investigator’s license.

Chuck “Chuck vs. the Awesome”
Download: PDF

Chuck has a flash implicating Awesome, his future brother-in-law, as a spy. But when something blocks Chuck’s flashes, he enlists Morgan’s help to follow Awesome like real spies in order to prove his innocence.

Pushing Daisies “Dead Dead”
Download: PDF

A client hires Emerson, Ned, and Chuck to find the person who killed her teenage sister — only one problem: the sister is brain dead, not DEAD dead.

NCIS “.892 Miles”
Download: PDF

Two drag racing teens have their contest cut short when they run over a Naval Academy student. When the boys turn themselves in, the NCIS team thinks they have an open-and-shut case, but the investigation turns out to be more complicated than they hoped.

Gilmore Girls “The Trials of Sisterhood”
Download: PDF

Rory struggles to find her place in college, but Lorelai is too swamped with the inn opening to be there for her. With nowhere else to turn, Rory takes her grandmother’s advice: she considers joining a sorority.


Press Pass “Pilot”
Download: PDF

When a mild-mannered, personable advice columnist receives a mysterious red envelope informing him of the suspicious death of his old college buddy, it rekindles his desire to become an investigative reporter… while costing him his job and setting off a firestorm with his family. But when he enlists the help of a tough, no nonsense policewoman to keep digging into the mystery, they find a conspiracy that goes deeper than either of them could have ever imagined.

Castrati “Pilot”
Download: PDF

A dramedy. Both celebrated and pitied, these men, castrated at a young age to preserve their childlike singing voices, were the rock stars of Baroque music. They were true divas, famous for their tantrums, their insufferable vanity, their emotional obsessions, their extravagant excesses, their bitchy in-feuding — and, surprisingly, their sexual prowess.

Firebirds “Pilot”
Download: PDF

A badass, daredevil, all-female CIA team, who has the genetic ability to heal themselves, performs (literally) death-defying feats to take down the world’s most dangerous terrorists. Their newest recruit, a timid teen named Jo, struggles with their high-octane lifestyle.

On Duty “Pilot”
Download: PDF

Rob, a likable geek, becomes an RA on an ill-considered scheme to make friends and score chicks. Together with his fellow RAs, his best friend Melanie and super-meticulous Kim, he struggles with the problems of the residents on his floor.

Future Me “Pilot”
Download: PDF

Smart but disaffected 20 year-old Vick Parker doesn’t believe her life matters – until she meets her future self who tells Vick that she’s the only hope for the human race in stopping an apocalyptic event.