About Us

Josh and Juliana Weiss-Roessler have over 20 years of combined experience as professional writers and editors.

Together, they have written and edited blogs, articles, press releases, web copy, and other marketing materials for a wide variety of sole proprietors, small to mid-sized businesses, and large institutions.

Juliana worked as the head of the web content department for the star of the Emmy-nominated reality series Dog Whisperer for four years.

Her ghostwriting has been featured on high-traffic websites, such as Yahoo.com, in major publications, such as PARADE and People, and in a monthly newsletter with over 300,000 subscribers, and she has blogged for IntechnicQuizzle, Resumark, Organic AuthoritySavings.com, and others. She has a bachelor’s in English Language and Literature from the University of Florida.

Josh has worked professionally in the entertainment industry since 2003 — as a writer punching up lines and story points for an animated feature; for producers, studios, and networks as a script reader; for other writers, giving notes on their work and helping them develop their scripts; and an editor of film and TV scripts, ensuring that they are error free and following the appropriate format.

His writing has been featured on Pink RaygunTubefilter and numerous blogs. He has a B.A. in English: Creative Writing and a B.S. in Mass Communication from Miami University.

Madeline Jacobson got her B.A. in English from Whitman College, where she also worked as a writing center tutor. After graduating in 2012, she became an AmeriCorps volunteer and worked with high school students to help them improve their standardized test scores and college application essays. Since completing her AmeriCorps term of service, she has worked as a writers’ assistant for Josh and Juliana Weiss-Roessler and has been building up her own portfolio of professional writing.